Property development services

Our sister company NordPoint Development Finland Oy (NPDF) operates in nationwide property development by carrying out property development projects based on their own and their cooperation partners’ balance sheet  across Finland in various sectors, and – via our parent company – in the Baltic countries and in the economic area of St. Petersburg, Russia. NPDF Oy’s primary target group is places of business and business premises, taking into account the surface area requirements of different retail chains, shopping centres, Retail Park projects like Kodin Keskus, other retail parks and business premises, and logistics, production and storage premises. In larger regional towns, this encompasses residential and office entities and projects related to the social welfare and healthcare (‘Sote’) reform whose development will be included in NPDF Oy’s main focus over the next few years. NPDF Oy is also specialised in building new hotels and renovating existing ones.

In addition to our sister company, our own organisation cooperates in the real estate business with a variety of key consultants and facility agents as well as with regional and national construction companies on a project-by-project basis. We also cooperate closely with central domestic and foreign entities investing in business premises. Our project cooperation partners also include domestic and foreign retail chains, regional and local investors, and other corresponding operators. We offer our services to companies, communities, cities and municipalities requiring business premises.

The starting point of our sister company NPDF Oy is the procurement of a site or a property to be developed, creation of a project plan, the search for a user or users for the object, organisation of competitive tendering for the construction work and then the selling of the object to the user, constructor or investor. Put simply, NPDF Oy operates nationwide as an independent property developer.

Our group is the right cooperation partner should you require competitively priced business premises as a new build, or an old property developed for letting or to be included in your balance sheet. If you represent a retail chain, forwarding, transport, logistics or production company, we will obtain, develop, sell and/or let business, logistics, production and storage premises to you, which satisfy your needs at a competitive and viable price. We can offer very competitive premise options for housing, hotel and office property projects as well as for projects that fall within the sector related to the ‘Sote’ reform! When building new premises, we also take care of selling or subletting your old business premises, and we can also buy your old property on the balance sheet of our group or of our cooperation partners. We also make sure that all your standards and requirements for the project are taken into account.

We can arrange all your business premises nationwide. No matter what type of business premises you need, we will make a beneficial offer to you for new premises under construction, either built to your budget or available at a competitive letting price.

We identify the needs of our customers individually and will meet your business premise needs.

Our own staff and those networked with us through our cooperation partners boast some 25–30 years of experience and our extensive knowledge of the Finnish property stock and market will guarantee the end result you want!

In recent years, our key personnel have been involved in the development of central retail chains and the construction of various places of business and business premises, in property development projects for the Kodin Keskus chain, as well as in property development projects for logistics, production and storage facilities and residential properties. The value of the construction projects implemented in 1999–2017 amounts to over 900 million euros, and the surface area of the realised projects amounts to around 825,000 m2.